Welcome to the video section of my website. Here you will find, as time goes on, speed painting videos of my work. Please subscribe to keep up to date with what's happening - new work, special offers, etc. I am also planning a series of watercolour instructional videos.

This is my first ever speed painting video. With it being Halloween month at the time of creation, I wanted to kick off with 2 of the sassiest spooks ever to grace the shadowy corners of our living rooms - the original Morticia and Gomez Addams.

My second speed painting - this time of the man who gave us the NHS - Mr Bevan, we salute you. 


Though times are dark for us right now, we look forward to the day the shadows flee and the monsters fade away. Whose NHS? Ours x With love, Mr Bevan, and eternal thanks for all you did x 

My third speed painting - of our beloved Mr Bowie as The Goblin King from the film The Labyrinth. Such an iconic classic.

There is NOTHING I don't like about dear David - NOTHING. 

Love, love, love x 

Always and forever x x x 

This is available as a limited edition print on my site x 

My speed painting of a beautiful border collie by the name of Flossie, commissioned by the mother to give to her daughter for the big 4 zero! 

As with all my work, I do the bulk of it and then turn away. Every time I turn back, I see another little tweak that's needed. This can go on for some hours, or even days. 

With each turning back, just for a moment, I get to see the work with fresh eyes, so those moments are vitally important.

I absolutely love border collies. My best friend of 17 glorious years was one <3 x x