I have frogs in the polytunnel. I have not so many slugs now :)  Don't use slug pellets, it's lethal to frogs as they are  able to potentially consume a lot of poisoned slugs.  Instead, you can provide a nice damp environment for some frogs (mine seem to love the damp straw on the floor of the polytunnel and the weeds that insist on growing round the edges. There's a  saying, build it and they will come. I cant remember who said it or about what. I know it wasnt about frogs, but the same thing applies. Build habitats and the creatures WILL come. They need our help to thrive now as much as we need tolearn better ways. We can help each other out, as nature intended x 


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Canvases can be provided with either deep 38mm sides, or standard 18mm sides.


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Frog "Uncle Harold"

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    18mm Standard frame depth

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