One of my favourite things is to stand in the flowering bushes preferred by the bees and listen to the buzz. So far, Ive had something in the garden for them with no gaps in food supply  (Ive a collony outside the kitchen door) so long may that continue. My little girl and I put water out for them as it can be tricky for them to find water in dry spells especially as they can only drink from shallow edges. We use shallow bowls filled with small stones and sticks and are always on hand with a sugar solution for a tired bee. If you soak a piece of tissue in sugar dissolved in hot water and let the bee crawl on it, it will usually start to feed and will probably vibrate its wings as it warms up its flight muscles. If you put a finger near, it may even high five you (its actually a defence mecanism, but its still very sweet) 


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Bee on Purple Blooms

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