Speedpainting the Spooks

So, my first proper blog post after climbing the massive learning curve that is finding out all about website development. Its taken a lot longer than anticipated, I didn't quite realise how little I knew about all this stuff. Thankfully, technology is so advanced and makes up for my many techie shortcomings.

How good is this though? Im delighted to be able to bring you a little insight into my work - obviously this video is sped up massively - but doesnt it just work so well. I plan to make many more. If anyone has anything they would especially like to see, get in touch, and let's see if your suggestion thrills me :) The last person who made a suggestion that had me jumping up and down, suggested a storm trooper...you can find him on my website under screen stars...lol..well, where would you put a storm trooper - not the easiest to categorise, you know!

You'd laugh if you saw my camera/ lighting rig in the studio - a complicated affair consisting of a large anglepoise lamp and duct tape - well, there isn't duct tape tbh, there are elastic chords from my bag of sewing goodies, but duct tape is funnier :)

I did actually look into a professional camera/lighting rig kit - but what I was bascially looking at was..you guessed it..a large anglepoise lamp and some elastic chords, a speciality product for speedpainting and suchlike, weighing in at 150gbp. I laugh in the face at that sort of nonsense, especially in this age of making do and mend in order to save the planet n all. My set up works beautifully and made use of things I already had at home. Another victory!

A lot of art is about problem solving, and once you have that skill, it translates into many other areas, so I'm adding camera rig/ lighting technician to my list of abilities :)

Happy Halloween month, y'all. I hope you have enjoyed my speedpainting - you can find the painting offered as a limited edition print on my website.


Love and a sassy spooktacular Halloween to you all

Emma x

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