Hello and Welcome

I'm a full time professional artist and childrens book illustrator, living and working in rural North Wales in a hideaway farmhouse with my beautiful daughter Tiger Lily, the 5 cats we rescued (oops), a little dog who looks like a mop (mad for a biscuit and never stops laughing), a few free range chickens and my oldest friend, Matty, also a professional artist. He mostly lives in the attic. Some of my friends don't believe he exists.  I'm fairly sure he does.


I have been holding a pencil since I was wee, writing and illustrating my first childrens book aged 12, which was lovingly typed and assembled by my gorgeous mum in the days when cut and paste meant glue and scissors. After a number of years doing all kinds of things, including running a successful graphics design business, I returned to university as a mature student, loved every second of it and graduated with a first class honours degree in Childrens Illustration.  Shortly after,  I was picked up by an agent at my final degree show in London, and we've happily been creating books and other works for international clients ever since.  A number of my books are available on popular online book stores, whilst many hide from the public arena in educational books for schools. Other freelance work has included game and toy design for high street retailers, such as Marks and Spencer and various works for charities and other clients, such as the National Trust, along with a myriad of greetings cards, gift wrap and other assorted bits and bobs of visual deliciousness for various clients throughout the world.

My primary love, however has always been Watercolour. I had it described to me by a very talented artist and lecturer that commanding watercolour is like riding a wild horse - your job as it's overseer is to reign it in enough for it to do your bidding whilst allowing it enough free reign for the natural magic to shine. That's why I love it.  It's a symbiosis of wills. Watercolour never fails to excite and surprise me.  The individual pigments have their own personalities, their own rules, their own ways of interacting with each other on their papery platform. Its magical and beautiful and never fails to light up my eyes and heart.